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Theme: Two pillars of support
Scripture: 2 Timothy 3: 10 – 17


Just previously – in the paragraph before – the Apostle Paul expressed himself very severely against those who opposed the Gospel message which he as Apostle preached. And now, in this paragraph 10-17, he is addressing his spiritual son, Timothy – who was minister at Ephesus. Paul wanted to acknowledge Timothy’s faithfulness and encourage him to persevere and continue in this way.

The same encouragement comes – through the Holy Spirit – to us also!

Of all the apostle’s co-workers, Timothy remained with him the longest – he was his true follower.

Just look at the powerful description in verse 10 (read it again). Timothy diligently followed Paul. Not only concerning the content of his doctrine and teaching, but also his way of life, his purpose of life, faith, patience, love, perseverance. That is EXACTLY what apostolic authority implies. Even through difficult circumstances, the apostles were unique examples to the church throughout 2000 years.

And now take note: Should you and I FOLLOW the apostolic example by the power of the Holy Spirit, the CONSEQUENCES for us will be the same as it had for them:

If we FOLLOW the content of the apostolic teaching and doctrine, the simplistic lifestyle, the fierce passion for Jesus Christ and the spreading of the Word, the persistent and adamant trust in God’s promises and Christ’s blood on the cross, the love for the Lord and His Word, the persevering continuation of this and the striving for a holy life, then persecution and hardship SHALL come our way in one way or another. That is exactly what the Apostle is telling Timothy here. And for us as well, because he is speaking by the Spirit.

But something else shall also happen: The Lord shall also take care of us, rescue us and carry us through until the day of the second coming OR the day He has determined that we shall die. Just as it was with Paul.

O, that everyone who hears this Word of God, should become inspired anew and wholeheartedly follow the Truth and Christ?!

Paul and Timothy’s personal experience of persecution and suffering for the sake of Christ and the Truth of the Scriptures is no exception. Certainly, EVERYONE who yearns and thirsts to live a godly life shall be persecuted. In John 16:33 Jesus already foretold it.

The accent in verse 12 is on the word EVERYONE. Therefore there are no exceptions. But of course, it does not apply to the false believers of verse 5, but to everyone IN CHRIST JESUS who wants to live a life of devotion to God the Father. Therefore, those who are living in connectedness with the Lord through faith-confidence. Or said differently: Who are INCLUDED in Christ.

And people who are living with the Lord in that way, WANTS to love and defend and proclaim the Truth. And it is exactly at this point where the antagonism from the side of the false-believers and worldly people and lukewarm Christians comes. Lukewarm confessing Christians sometimes puts up the most resistance.

If they hated and persecuted the Lord Jesus, they will do the same to His followers.

The entire history of the church testifies about the truth of that.

Just dare to openly and specifically mention and stand up for the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and… the sparks fly!


It can happen so easily that suffering for the sake of the Gospel message can cause a Christian believer to become discouraged and even to start following the false preachers.

But Timothy hears from the Apostle Paul that he must at all cost remain steadfast and keep to what he had learned from the true Apostles and to that which he believes. Persecution for the sake of the Truth must draw us CLOSER to the truth.

Timothy – therefore – had two rock-steady pillars :
1 > The Gospel message which he learned from the Apostles, and
2 > the Holy Scriptures (the OT) which he knew from infancy.

The doctrine of the apostles (no 1) CONFIRMS the doctrine of the OT (no 2).

At this stage – where the Apostle is writing to Timothy – it was already approximately 15 years since Timothy’s conversion at Lystra. Since then he was constantly under the Apostle’s teaching.

In our day – here in 2022 – we are still in possession of the same pillars – by name, the OT and the NT – because the NT is the written deposition of the apostolic doctrine and the OT is the same writings that Timothy had (also a translation: the LXX = Greek translation of the OT). TOGETHER it is the Holy Scriptures, the infallible, absolute authoritative Word of the only true living God. It is not PEOPLE’S reflections/thoughts ABOUT God. It is God’s revelation THROUGH people. The human writers were merely God’s mouthpieces. These Scriptures have powerful regenerative strength, says the Apostle. And everyone who truly are Christ-believers, know something of that power through experience.

The main purpose of the Holy Scriptures is to give knowledge of salvation through trust in Christ Jesus. Without true KNOWLEDGE, TRUST cannot exist. Trust is anchored to KNOWLEDGE of the Truth. First the knowledge, then the trust. And knowledge WANTS trust.

It is only once a chosen person’s heart is made alive by the Holy Spirit, that trust in Christ comes and THEN the Scriptures opens up for you. Suddenly you understand more and more of how everything fits and WHAT the actual central message of the OT really is, namely not all kinds of laws and rules and interesting history, but the living Person of the Lord Jesus Christ who is present on EVERY page of the OT.

When a person – the same as Timothy – starts to discover THESE things, false teaching cannot get hold of your heart!


Verse 16 naturally refers back to verse 15 where the Apostle spoke about the “HOLY SCRIPTURES” – meaning the OT which was Timothy’s Bible because the NT was not yet complete of course.

It is true of the NT, exactly as of the OT, namely that as a whole it is “God-breathed”. In 2 Pet 3: 15-17 the Apostle Peter places the Apostle Paul’s letters on exactly the same level of authority as the OT. Yes, the ENTIRE Scriptures (Greek: Every individual part thereof) is inspired by God – literally: BREATHED – or – given by God. He took the writers of the Holy Scriptures into His service in such a way that they wrote HIS Word!

2 Peter 1:21 confirms it. READ IT PLEASE.

It is further confirmed by how the OT is quoted in the NT – for example in Acts 1:16, and Mark 12:36 where it says that David spoke the Psalms THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Therefore the ENTIRE Scriptures is infallible and authoritative ABOVE any form of human reasoning.

Because the Holy Scriptures is God’s Word, it is useful and valuable in the practice of every day, to build up believers and correct those who stray. Primarily the Scriptures must be taught and preached, but ALSO used to correct others. The Holy Scriptures has dynamite-power to bring people’s lives in line with the will of the Lord. It is indeed the sword of the Holy Spirit as Eph 6:17 puts it.

Only ONE THING can help children of God to discern between light and dark, truth and deceit, sin and righteousness – and that is the Holy Scriptures.

That is why true Christians must GIVE themselves over to the Scriptures – eat and drink it. Because the Scriptures is the instrument that the Lord wonderfully and powerfully uses to equip everyone who belongs to the Lord – not only Timothy – for service in His kingdom.

The Scriptures change and transform our mind, our understanding, our insight, our soul, heart and spirit. And consequently our lifestyle. It penetrates everywhere – as Heb 4:12-13 says. And brings regeneration.

All honour to the Lord God for His Word!

Translated by Marthie Wilson

Category 2 Timothy

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